Our Team

Joe King

I’ve knocked on thousands of doors and walked miles in parades.  I ran my first campaign out of a barn, living above an old funeral home, before anyone carried a mobile phone.  I’ve slept under my desk, run midnight blitzes and made thousands of calls.

I’ve managed underfunded campaigns against Democrats they said couldn’t be beaten – and won.

I’ve run State Republican Party operations surrounded by some of the most talented people in America.

I’ve worked on every kind of campaign from President to school board.

My team is made up of a gritty, creative bunch of conservative activists who make up for all of my weaknesses.

I do it all because this isn’t a job, its a mission.

It’s hard and I love it.

Jordan Ohler

Jordan has worked on campaigns in dozens of states across America, from the Courthouse to the White House.  

He fights hard, puts together creative, comprehensive campaigns, pushes his clients to see the big picture, and writes winning plans with bold messaging.

He loves wrestling with his kids, lifting weights, and appreciates good whiskey. He’s also an advocate for Veterans, Autism, and Bone Marrow Donation.

Jelise Roberts

Jelise leads the creative team in giving visual clarity to strategic messaging.

She is responsible for overseeing the conceptualization and implementation of design solutions from concept to completion. Being a fine artist at heart, Jelise ensures that our creative is not just something pretty to look at, but conveys the compelling stories of our clients.

Outside of the office she loves mentoring, advocating and spending time with family.

Steve Resch

Steve has a passion for using visual analytics to tell stories with data. Translation: he makes really cool charts, and they’re easy to understand. Aside from his primary role as our resident numbers guru, Steve does a little bit of everything else. From projects and production to opposition research and strategic planning, he’s our utility player.

Despite the impression you may have just gotten, he does indeed live a fulfilling life outside the office. He fills his spare time with duties as a Squad Leader in the US Army, a loving father, and enjoying the outdoors.

Taylor Carney

Taylor assists in leading the creative team and serves as a link between the creative and project management teams. A graduate of Ohio University with a degree in Visual Communications, she is our “go-to” person to ensure the highest quality product no matter what the deadline may be.

In her spare time, Taylor enjoys spending time with friends and family, training for the Pelotonia and attempting to find the best cup of coffee.

Rebecca Bass

Becca heads up our digital department. After graduating from The Ohio State University, she spent the first ten years of her career in multimedia advertising. She is detail-driven and can be trusted to bring a high-level of excellence to each campaign. 

Outside the office, she loves the outdoors, live music, and hanging out with family. She is also an advocate for water safety and enjoys teaching swim lessons.

Kayla Ventura

In every campaign; speed and execution counts. Kayla has worked and directed winning field operations in some of the country’s toughest districts. She pays attention to the details and makes sure every campaign we run is on-message, on-budget, and on-deadline. 

When she’s not at work, Kayla enjoys cooking recipes passed down to her from her Italian ancestors.

Michael Neary

Michael helps lead the Project Management team. He previously worked for KSC during the 2016 election cycle. A Rhode Island native, Michael moved to Ohio after working on the Super PAC for Governor John Kasich’s presidential campaign. He has also worked for Lt. Governor Mary Taylor.

Michael graduated from Washington College with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Outside of following politics Michael roots for the Boston Red Sox, regularly quotes ‘The Office’ and is an avid reader.